We are a company specialized in distribution for measurement equipments designed mainly for research and education. We have experience in software, measurement & automation based on National Instruments solutions and also DAQ & PLC.

Our programming portfolio is build on Labview and Labwindows/CVI, Keil C for PSOC Creator and PSOC Designer and also HTML for webdesign.

Our company has 15 years of experience in the field of commerce and programming and we have a mid term focus also in small industrial solutions.


Our portfolio is based on electrochemical systems, spectrometry, AFM/NSOM microscopy, DAQ systems and automation, monitor & control solutions, programmable power supply, electrocoagulation solutions.

Regarding education we provide STEM solutions for 7-21 aged students, over 65 types of sensors giving possibility to explore more then 120 experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and environment.

Renewable energy kits and robotic kits are also a part of our educational field. All educational solutions are accompanied by experiment books.

We have commercial partners in over 30 countries all over the world. We can provide different solutions for the same request and/or specifications.

Our company provide products from more then 150 manufacturers, you can find the most representative of them in our Partners section.

Our first degree support on equipments and software usage is based on our assistance team achieved in 15 years of activity.

The second degree level of assistance is based on manufacturer specialists with whom we have a strong and personal relationship.

Technical and functional incidents are treated until 100% client satisfaction.

Since 2008 our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for commercial activities including delivery activities.

We have an efficient traceability of parcels and goods and all our paperwork is following process procedures according to quality manual.

You can count on us for a fast and secure delivery!


We provide a broad range of measuring equipments and accesories destinated to Reasearch, Education and Industry. Since it’s dificult to manage a portofolio with more than 100000 products, we grouped our products in 3 main categories.

We encourage you to contact us if you need a certain type or model and we will get back to you with a quotation in the shortest time possible.

Life Science


Life Science stands for Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and all their sub-domains, and also new types of life science branches.

Educational Products


STEM can give interesting and exciting information for young students, giving them the possibility to understand usual phenomens that happen everyday.

Measuring Systems


Measuring can be a complex activity related to a physical, chemical, electrical or electronic value.


We have some traditional partners like Metrohm-Autolab, National Instruments, Dropsens, Labjack, Regatron, Omega, Nanonics, Fourier EDU, Horizon Fuel Cells but also a broad range of other supliers and manufacturers.

For specific requests please ask us for a quotation or solution.

Since 2002 we collaborate with CVTC - Universitatea Transilvania for specific measurement & automation solutions.

CVTC is managed by Prof. Dr.Ing. Cornel Samoila and Prof.Dr.Fiz. Doru Ursutiu.



Since 2002 we have been making our best efforts to promote and distribute various brands of equipments, systems and technologies destinated to research, education and industry.

We provide original solutions based on specific requirements and design custom software and automation.

A new concern of our team is related to 3D Design and 3D Printing as a part of rapid prototyping solutions.



We are ISO 9001:2008 for sales of acquisition data systems.
This means import, promotion and commercialisation of all products in portfolio.
After – sales services like maintenance and additional training are included.

Software & Automation


Our company offers software development mainly for industrial applications.
We are not limited to industrial field, we can approach banking, stock, education etc.
We use mainly Labwindows/CVI and Keil C for embedded programing.

3D Design & Printing


Our team uses the latest techniques in modelling 3D objects of almost any shape and form for the purposes of applications, promotional materials and 3D printing.